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  Q 1 - Are your Lampholders approved by any laboratory?

A - "Yes", our entire range of  lampholders are approved by the following laboratories:

        1. B22 & B15 series : NEMKO (UK), w.r.t. the standard BSEN61184

        2. E14, E27 & E40 series : NEMKO (NORWAY), w.r.t. the standard BSEN 60238

        3. E26 series : UL (Hongkong), w.r.t. the standard UL 496

  Q 2 - Do you manufacture B22 lampholders in ceramic?

A - "Yes". In ceramic version,we have 3 types - long, short as well as batten type. 

  Q 3 - Is your lampholder manufacturing unit CE approved?

A - "Yes". our lampholder manufacturing unit is CE approved.

  Q 4 - Do you manufacture E26 lampholders in aluminium?

A - "No". Our E26 lampholder is made in brass. In brass, we have two versions, sheet metal and cast.

  Q 5 - Do you manufacture E27 lampholders in ceramic and phenolic?

A - "No". We manufacture E27 lampholders in metal, i.e. brass and steel.

  Q 6 - Why the ceramic colour in your E40 looks dull?

A - Because the Indian clay has more percentage of stone crushed material and is backed at high temperature to give more strength.

  Q 7 - What should be the minimum order value that you accept for lampholders and brass parts?

A - Minimum order value should be E5000. This could be for assorted items like lampholders and brass parts combined.

  Q 8 - Do you have a standard price list for your lampholders and brass parts?

A - "No". Our prices are specific with respect to customer needs and requirements.

  Q 9 - How many types of luminaries do you manufacture?

A - We manufacture Type1 and Type2, as table lamps, floor lamps, wall lights and hanging lights. 

  Q 10 - What basic type of material do you use for table lamps?

A - We use basic material as wrought iron, brass, leather, wood, glass and combination of all these.

  Q 11- Do you give CE certificate for your lamp bases?

A - We do give CE certificate and our product is made as per BSEN 60598 standard.

  Q 12- What type of lampholder fitments are provided by you in lamps?

A - We provide E26, E27, B22 and clip type fitments.

  Q 13 - Do you do electrical tests on all  lamp bases?

A - "Yes", each and every one lamp base passes through 100% electrical test.

  Q 14 - Can I use a higher watt bulb in the lamp?

A - No, the housing and wiring for your model lamp is explicitly set up for the bulb which is used for your lamp. An excess voltage or a higher watt bulb would put a strain on the housing/wiring, and Internal components of your lamp. This would cause a diminished life of your lamp, and may include the danger of fire, as well.